Call Before You Dig

VA811, formerly referred to as Miss Utility of Virginia, is the non-profit organization that Virginia’s utilities partner with to protect their underground pipelines and facilities.

The VA811 call center takes information about proposed excavation activity and distributes the information to utility operators. The utility operators are responsible for marking their lines, although often times this task is contracted out to professional locating companies. Many people think they know where the utilities are in their yard, but the only way to know for sure it to get the lines mark. This service is done at no cost to the caller.

So whether you’re simply digging a garden, holes for fence posts, or doing a major excavation project, it is vital for the safety of you, your family, and your community that you protect pipelines and all underground utilities by following the “Dig with CARE” message in Virginia.

C – Contact 811 before you dig

A – Allow the proper time for marking; 48 hours beginning at 7:00 a.m. the next business day following notification of the call center.

R – Respect the marks – once the lines are marked, do not destroy the marks

E – Excavate carefully – hand dig within 2 feet of marked lines; once the line is exposed, do not use mechanical equipment within 2 feet of the line.