Protecting Pipelines

Roanoke Gas pipelines are constructed from durable, industry-standard materials. However, damage can occur to the pipeline, either from construction activity or natural disasters such as flooding or earthquakes.
It’s important to do your part to avoid causing pipeline damage when digging in your own yard. If you plan to do any excavation whatsoever, be sure to call VA “8-1-1” to get all utilities marked. The call should be made between 7 AM and 5 PM and at least 48 hours before any planned work. Note that only public utility lines will be marked; private lines, such as your sewer lateral or water service will not be marked. This would also include any buried lines connected downstream of your gas meter. See the ‘811’ section of this website for more details.

If you do damage a gas line and it is leaking, notify Roanoke Gas at (540) 777-0623 and call 911.

If it is possible you have damaged a gas line but it is not leaking, notify Roanoke Gas so it may be inspected. Call (540) 777-0623 and leave the line uncovered. Do not attempt to repair a line yourself.