Roanoke Gas Company is committed to keeping our community, employees and stakeholders safe. Part of that commitment involves complying with all Federal, State, Local and industry safety standards. It also means providing education to our community, officials, first responders and professional excavators.

Emergency Officials

For Emergency Officials in our service area, we offer natural gas training either in house or at your location of choice within our service area.  Another  source, readily available, of information for responding to a pipeline incident can be found at  This is a program that has been developed by the National Association of State Fire Marshals to assist in training first responders in handling a variety of pipeline situations, both natural gas and liquid petroleum lines.

Public Officials

It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to sit down and discuss our emergency preparedness plan and distribution system with you.   Let’s work together to keep our community and pipelines safe.

 Professional Excavators/Landscapers/Plumbers

It is extremely important for us to work with you in keeping our pipelines safe.  We offer training throughout the year to review Virginia law as it applies to safe digging practices.  We are also willing to work with you to schedule a session for your business.  You are our best defense in third-party damages.

Public At Large/Schools

If you are interested in learning about our emergency preparedness plan or safe digging practices we would be happy to make arrangements to schedule a time to meet with you. We welcome the opportunity to teach our local school children information about Natural Gas, Careers, and Safety.

Utility Imposters and Scams

Please note that all of our employees and contractors carry photo ID badges and our employees work from clearly marked vehicles.  If you have any concerns, you may ask our employees to provide their ID card for verification. Roanoke Gas will never call inquiring about personal information. Never give your social security number, banking information or other personal information over the phone. This information will be requested when you contact us for new service. If you have any concerns of suspicious bill activity, notices or emails, please contact Customer Service at 540-777-4427.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact our Safety Department at