Natural Gas provides a wide variety of energy solutions for any business.

You always want your business to run smoothly, so why not your energy source? Utilizing natural gas can not only benefit your bottom line, but help protect our environment and therefore, your reputation.
The benefits are simple to see. Your business needs reliable, cost effective energy and natural gas is the number one way to achieve that. Natural gas can give your bottom line a sense of security and your customers a sense of reliability.

Heating System

Large commercial facilities such as garages and warehouses can prove to be a challenge to heat. Natural gas can fire radiant heaters to evenly warm any open space. From high-intensity systems for large spaces to lower intensity radiant heaters for smaller areas, gas-fired heating systems can be made to fit and fill any space with even warmth. The different types of systems that could work for your business include natural gas furnaces, packaged boilers, air rotation units, and packaged air handling units.

Cooling & Refrigeration

Natural gas does more than just warm, it can also be used for cooling and refrigeration systems. Commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment offers benefits through its electric peak-shaving capabilities. Food processing industries can use natural gas engine driven refrigeration for a reliable way to keep their products cool.

Food Service

Most professional chefs prefer cooking with the precision of natural gas. Not only does it save costs for the restaurant, but it cooks evenly and efficiently. Commercial kitchens can take advantage of a variety of ranges and cook tops, providing flexibility for installation in to a variety of spaces.

Power Production

Power outages can lead to a loss in productivity, damaging the bottom line of any business. Damage to refrigerated inventory, safety and security issues, as well as the loss of customers proves that the unreliable electrical grid may need a little back up. Having natural gas to fire fuel cells and microturbines can solve these problems in the event of a lack of power.

Water Heaters

Gas water heaters offer faster recovery, lower operating costs, and easy maintenance. For commercial and industrial applications, there is a wide range of units available to provide the amount of hot water needed as well as the appropriate water temperature. Single units are available with a heating input up to 2,000,000 BTU/hour rated input. Commercial and Industrial water heaters are available with or without storage vessels.