Learn How to Read Your Meter


Your gas meter is an accurate, automatic measuring instrument that tracks how much gas flows through it by counting the filling and emptying of the compartments inside the meter. The compartments within the meter fill and empty to the same amount of gas each time as the gas moves through, providing a steady flow of natural gas and accurate measurement.

The face of the gas meter typically has two sets of dials. If the dials are marked “One-Half Foot” or “Two Feet”, they are for test purposes only and are not useful in reading your meter. The other set of dials is what you will refer to when reading your meter. Each dial has a number ranging 0 to 9 with a hand that points to a number.

Read and record the number from each dial starting from the right and moving left. When the hand is between two numbers or has just passed a number, record the lower number. When a hand is directly on a number, be sure to check the dial to the right of it. If that hand has not passed zero yet, record the lower number instead.

Several days or weeks later, read your meter again using the above steps. To calculate how much gas you have used subtract your earlier reading from your most recent reading to determine the number of CCF’s used.

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