Clean and Efficient. The difference you can feel.

Natural gas runs at a 92% efficiency rate, meaning 92% of all energy created through natural gas is delivered and used by homes and businesses.

Extracted from within the crust of the earth, natural gas is one of the cleanest ways to generate energy with a fuel, producing fewer CO2 emissions than coal and oil. It is lighter than air, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Before it is distributed through the main lines, an odorant, typically mercaptan, is added to allow users to smell and distinctly identify its presence in the event of a leak.

Because natural gas can be compressed, it can easily be transmitted in large quantities through relatively small pipe diameters when under pressure. This allows for efficiency in delivery and a safer flow of gas in your home or business.

When natural gas is mixed with air and ignited, it burns a blue flame between 800 and 1200 BTU’s per cubic foot. If your flame is burning any color other than the signature blue, there could be a serious problem with your gas appliance. Contact a licensed professional to inspect your equipment for any potential issues.