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Commercial Resources

How can I prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Never operate vehicles in an enclosed area, such as your garage with a closed door.

Keep vents and chimneys clear of debris.

Never operate a charcoal or gas grill in an enclosed area.

Do not use a range, oven, or clothes dryer for heating a room.

Look for signs of equipment problems regularly, such as soot collecting near burner vents, or discolored flames. Natural gas flames should always burn blue.

How do I know if a pipeline is damaged?

You can detect a gas leak by a gaseous odor, hissing, bubbling, or dead vegetation. There may also be fire or combustion involving or in the vicinity of a pipeline.

What do I do if I suspect a gas leak?

Immediately vacate the location and warn others to stay away.
Leave any door you may exit unlocked.
Do not operate any electrical switches and cease operation of any equipment, including garage door openers, vehicles or telephones.
Remain at a nearby safe location until an emergency responder arrives.
Do not go back to the immediate area until a responder says it is safe to do so.
Once at a safe location, call Roanoke Gas (540) 777-0623 or 911.