Roanoke Gas Company Founded

One year after Roanoke was proclaimed a city, Roanoke Gas Company was founded by key leaders in an effort to develop the community. Founders included the first President, Peyton L. Terry, Secretary-Treasurer John H. Dunston, J.B. Austin, Alexander S. Asbury, Mortimer M. Rogers, John P. Pettyjohn, and William Welch.



Roanoke City Extends Contract for 30 Years

The Company’s franchise with the City of Roanoke, whose provisions included authorization for the City to purchase the gas property, was set to expire in 1908. The City chose to extend the franchise for another 30 years. With that, the leadership guided the Company through expansion and improvements.



Coal Gas Plant is Built

A new coal gas plant was constructed in order to provide the Gas Company with the most modern and efficient gas plant design available. The new holder was capable of storing 1,500,000 cubic feet and was at the time, one of the largest in Virginia



Roanoke Gas Company Extends Service Area

Gas mains are extended to Salem, Vinton, and other outlying suburbs at the time, including South Roanoke.



Company Changes Name

The name of the gas company changed from Roanoke Gas Light Company to Roanoke Gas Company.



Roanoke Gas Company Continues to Expand

Growth continued through the 1940s as plans were developed to bring natural gas to Roanoke. Roanoke Gas received its certificate from the Federal Power Commission and organized the Roanoke Pipe Line Company to build a 30-mile pipeline from Gala, Virginia to Roanoke. It was completed in the late summer of 1950 and natural gas was introduced to homes and businesses. New natural gas rates were 20% lower than the manufactured gas rates and the BTU content was nearly double that of manufactured gas.



Roanoke Gas Company Merges with Roanoke Pipe Line Company

Roanoke Gas Company and Roanoke Pipe Line Company merge under the name Roanoke Gas, with Parrott still serving as president.



Company Extends Pipeline Supply

Growth continued to 20,387 customers and a net income of over $300,000. To alleviate dependence on one Atlantic Seaboard Corporation pipeline, the Company entered into discussions with the East Tennessee Natural Gas Company about extending a pipeline from Bristol to Roanoke.



Roanoke Gas Company Builds LNG Plant

Roanoke Gas Company enters a 20 year lease with the Industrial Development Authority of Botetourt County for the location of a new gas liquefaction and storage facility. The plant would enable the Company to move away from reliance on propane air for natural gas peak shaving.



Roanoke Gas Company Celebrates 100 Years

Roanoke Gas celebrated its 100th Anniversary.



Holding Company, RGC Resources, Inc. is Established

With the company reorganization and establishment of the holding company, RGC Resources, Inc., John Williamson became President & CEO of RGC Resources.



Roanoke Gas Welcomes New President and CEO

John Williamson retires and John D’Orazio became the President and CEO of RGC Resources and Roanoke Gas Company.



25 Year Pipeline Renewal Project Completed

Roanoke Gas completes 25 year pipeline renewal program replacing 200 miles of aging gas lines.



Roanoke Gas Welcomes New President and CEO

John D'Orazio retires and Paul Nester became the President and CEO of RGC Resources and Roanoke Gas Company.



Roanoke Gas Company and the Western VA Water Authority open RNG facility

The Western Virginia Water Authority and Roanoke Gas Company entered into a cooperative agreement to produce commercial quality renewable natural gas, or RNG, from biogas produced at the Roanoke Regional Water Pollution Control Plant. This RNG product is the first of its kind in the Commonwealth.



Roanoke Gas Company receives gas from the MVP

The Roanoke Valley has access to a new interstate natural gas pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Roanoke Gas has two interconnects with the new pipeline and began receiving delivery of natural gas from MVP.