ROANOKE, Va. (March 16, 2021)  – The Mothers Out Front group held a small protest in front of the offices of Roanoke Gas Company earlier today, led by Freeda Cathcart. Ms. Cathcart’s most recent statements are false and should be dismissed. Roanoke Gas would not nor can it, “use MVP to scam its customers”, as alleged by Ms. Cathcart. In fact, as a Virginia public service corporation, Roanoke Gas Company’s operations, including the rates billed to its customers, are under the oversight of the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Ms. Cathcart’s accusations and protests use misinformation and mischaracterization about Roanoke Gas, the MVP and the federal and state agencies who regulate both Roanoke Gas and MVP. Roanoke Gas respects Ms. Cathcart’s right to express her opposition to it or the MVP. However, that does not give Ms. Cathcart license to spread patently false and misleading information.