ROANOKE, VA  – Effective July 21, 2017, Roanoke Gas Company will transition all customer support services to Faneuil, Inc. Headquartered in Hampton, Va., Faneuil has more than 23 years of experience in providing customer services on behalf of government and commercial organizations operating in the utilities sector and other industries nationwide, positioning Faneuil as a leader in customer care and other business processing solutions.

Customers who call or make payments online or by mail will not be affected by the transition. Customers who have traditionally paid their gas bill in-person at Kimball Avenue will be advised of the various payment options available. Roanoke Gas Company will continue to receive payments by mail, at walk-in locations operated by partnering organizations, and online at My Account.

About Faneuil

For more than 23 years, Faneuil has successfully designed, implemented and operated contact centers on behalf of highly regulated government and commercial clients. Headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, Faneuil provides outsourced customer care and other business processing solutions for an extensive client portfolio nationwide, managing more than 600 million customer interactions each year. Services are provided to customers through multiple channels, including inbound and outbound calling, chat messaging, email, fax, mail correspondence, and face-to-face communications. Utilizing advanced applications and a team of more than 5,500 service professionals, Faneuil delivers broad support to several diverse industries, including utilities, transportation, health and human services, government services and commercial services.