We acknowledge that those opposed to the MVP have a voice and we respect the opinions of those who are opposed to Roanoke Gas’ decision to be an MVP customer. However, using the deadly global pandemic, environmental justice allegations, and outright false statements regarding the cost of gas from the MVP and need for additional energy supply are all counter to a good faith argument in opposition. In fact, the SCC reviewed these contentions in our rate case and confirmed that Roanoke Gas needs this capacity and that there is not additional firm capacity on either the East Tennessee or Columbia pipelines. Furthermore, natural gas that is transported through MVP is sourced from the Marcellus and Utica basins and will be the least expensive natural gas available for Roanoke Gas customers. It appears that Freeda Cathcart’s and Cynthia Munley’s most recent efforts represent yet another questionable attempt to leverage this period of crisis, suffering and fear to gain ground for their own interests. Their actions are disingenuous and should be dismissed.