Federal Regulation (49CFR Part 192.16) requires us to inform you that if you have underground gas piping installed on the customer side of the meter, the piping is not maintained by Roanoke Gas Company. This piping is generally located between the gas meter and a building, gas light, gas grill, or some other outdoor gas appliance. Buried steel gas line, that are not properly maintained, may be subject to the effects of corrosion which could result in leakage. To ensure gas piping safety and longevity, it is important that underground piping be periodically monitored to identify these potential problems before they become hazardous. The Federal Regulation recommends that buried gas lines be inspected by a qualified plumber/contractor. Any problems identified must be repaired. For assistance in reviewing your underground piping repair, relocation, replacement and maintenance options call Roanoke Gas at 540-777-4427. Remember when excavating near buried gas piping, the piping should be located in advance and exposed using hand tools to avoid damaging the pipe. Painting and maintenance of the above ground piping from the meter to your building is your responsibility.