A Warm, Comfortable Home is A Happy Home

Natural gas furnaces are preferred 4 to 1 over electric heat pumps. Natural gas heating systems keep you warm and comfortable on the coldest of days with vented or radiant heat. Plus, it adds value to your home.

Today’s wide variety of gas heating equipment includes gas boilers, gas furnaces, direct heating, as well as a combination of systems that can fit your home’s heating needs. Natural gas heating systems come in a variety of efficiency levels, but we suggest finding one with an ENERGY STAR rating to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

When considering one of the new 90+ furnace systems, keep in mind what is involved in installing them. The new models do not need a conventional chimney to vent into, they typically uses PVC vent pipe to vent just outside your foundation wall. Your heating contractor can assist you in choosing the right style furnace system for your home.